Billabong Blue Sapphire Park and Campground

  Billabong Blue fossicking park was opened in 2004 by Bill and Rhonda Dawson on the property ‘Billabong’ on Woodstock Road Sapphire hence the name Billabong Blue. Billabong for the property and Blue for the sapphires. Billabong Blue had a true bush inspired theme with a log cabin office adorned with  old farm implements on […]
December 25, 2013
fossicking for sapphires in australia

Fossicking for sapphires at Billabong Blue

  For the first time fossickers, the designated fossicking park is the way to go with most of the hard work done for you. Notice the word ‘most’ – a bit of elbow grease is still required. The park is set up with all the equipment you need, shovels, sieves, buckets, tweezers, a wash area […]
December 24, 2013
4.5 Ct Sapphire

Mining Sapphires at Billabong Blue

  The property Swamp Oak has been commercially mined for many years but still contains many untouched areas on the 1200 acres. As most volcanic wash in the Inverell area is relatively shallow compared to other areas in Australia there is no need to have underground mines. The overburden, which can be up to 6 metres deep, […]

Camping at Billabong Blue

Billabong Blue has a large bush camping area which is 2wd accessible. There are flush toilets and shower stalls which can be used with your bush shower bags. Enjoy the birds and wildlife and count the stars in a peaceful setting. Campfires allowed (as long as there is no fire ban) and well behaved pets on a leash are permissible. […]